Science Fiction by Michael J. Findley

resized empire 10

This book contains five stories from the Space Empire universe, spanning Generations. Look at the future of persecution. One day soon the only refuge for the faithful may be Space. Follow a desperate couple fighting isolation and equipment malfunction to pilot a gas-collecting balloon ship to the outer planets. Michael, crown prince of the Space Empire hopes to save his people from external attack with an internal rebellion and a battle cruiser like no other. His plans are shaken by a forbidden romance, political turmoil, and the discovery of Earth’s Fourth Empire. Michael and his best friend Randolph might save or shatter the Space Empire’s last hope for the future.

city on a hill 10

Persecuted believers need to take drastic action, forced out of their churches, homes and lives. The Lunar Mining Colony faces financial ruin when miners sabotage to demand higher wages. Worldwide pressure over shortages of essential products parallels media attacks on “radical” Christians. Desperate company executives offer these desperate believers a “City on A Hill” out of this world.

resized soljourner 10

Free stand alone short story, prequel to Nehemiah, LLC, and part of the Empire Saga —
Mark and Michelle sank everything they had, everything friends and family could invest, in the giant Sojourner gas-collection balloon ship. Now it was a simple matter of surviving to suction a full load of Methane from Titan. Massive gas storms, a tiny life pod that might not keep them from freezing, and the looming shadow of government seizure of ship and cargo “for the greater good” might interfere with their sleep even more than equipment failure, loneliness, and sleep deprivation.

nehemiah llc ebook 10

In the Space Empire Universe, this story would be third, chronologically, but it is not included in the Space Empire book. The surface of Mars is swept by violent storms but the Nehemiah Group lives almost idyllically beneath the surface in thousands of acres of “Glop-dropped” parks and sandblasted living quarters. Soothed by the buzzing of bees and chasing the occasional escapees from their small herds of livestock, these people actually research and develop methods to protect the lives and welfare of all the people of the Space Empire. When a plea for help with their specialty comes their lives are turned upside-down. Life support has failed on the balloon ship Sojourner. Critical resources lie untapped on the outer planets until a way can be found to solve the problem. Joan, bioneural specialist of the Nehemiah Group and Anthony Lewis, an engineer and something more, must tread a fine political and diplomatic line to keep the project moving along toward the critical launch window.

Empire one humiliation 10

Free! Book One in The Space Empire Trilogy —
What does a Prince of the Space Empire do when his father takes his toy away? Spend the summer in a Camp Meeting on Earth with his best friend and adopted brother. Just what is a camp meeting? Open air and open water baffle men raised in tunnels and domes but the message of God’s claim on their lives is even more disturbing. Alexander promised his family he’d come home alive, but Imperial SSTs targeting the Discovery might change his plans.

resized empire 2 10

Book Two of The Space Empire Trilogy —
Aidan, their unintended traveling companion, is losing blood fast. The destruction of two possible escape vehicles and the forced evacuation of the third leaves them little choice. But a golf cart in the dense wilderness isn’t the best getaway vehicle. An introduction to Earth’s Fourth Empire really wasn’t on Michael or Randolph’s calendar.

resized empire 3 10

Book Three in The Space Empire Trilogy —
Alexander risked everything for Michael, only to see himself barely tolerated in the reconciliation between the Space Empire’s king and his son. Forces are at work far beyond Lorelei’s Peace Child plans and Randolph and Aidan’s struggles for acceptance. The empire that has never welcomed an Earthling into its ranks, much less allowed a marriage with someone who might step up to the throne. The Church’s claimed ministry of mediation and peace deserves a closer look.


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