My Romances — Historical and Historical Fantasy

baron with leaves blue 10

Prince Tristan is ripped away from one last beating by his drunken, bullying brother and tumbled a hundred miles downriver. Tristan rescues the beautiful child-woman Mayra from sexual slavery. Will she help him prepare for a staggering collision with the near and distant past? Will a witch spinning a Black Widow’s web keep Tristan from regaining his kingdom?

chasing ebook 10

As much as Hamilton Jessup hates high society and pity as a wounded war hero, a marriage of convenience solves his financial crisis. Secrets and lies, his own and those of beautiful celebrity singer Maeve Collinswood, draw him into a passionate alliance, a deadly confrontation, and a reliance on God he has never imagined.

resized whtrs 10

While meeting New Mexico Territorial Judge Bartholomew Durant, Leah Masters steps into an assassination attempt, her brother’s imprisonment for murder, resentment from a best friend with a cavalry sword, and a rival in the form of a beautiful and godly best friend. While cleaning house and keeping accounts she falls in love with a bitter, scornful suitor whose opinion she’s too afraid to change.

resized Carrie covernashville 10

A Civil War Novella —
Carrie Wilkes, a Northern woman married to a Southern man, has had enough of stares and shunning. Robert Salinger might be handsome and a friend of her dying husband. But why is he either boring his eyes into her or ignoring her? He blames himself for Ben’s death. He swears he will look after Carrie and the children, but they go home from the funeral alone. Will that deaf and dumb stranger, Robbie, be any real help to save her farm?


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