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Seems Like a Good Idea … The Ultimate World Religions Database


“Miz Rodriguez, you should totally do this.” Jayna blew on her hands as they watched the kids file into the buses.

“But Jayna, they want to collect people’s Bibles. I mean take them away. Would you give them your Bible?” Keith asked.

“I totally would, Mr. Bradley. They’re saying the stuff I underline and my notes are just as important as fancy commentaries and famous preachers. They want everybody’s ideas and thoughts that they write in their Bibles. Won’t it be cool? I could help some sister a thousand years from now understand the Bible better!”

Talia looked up at Keith. Everyone shivered as another icy blast blew through the bus parking lot. “Mr. Bradley, did you ask your grandmother about letting them use her Bible? What did she say?”

“I … I did ask her.” Keith looked across the street toward the rundown building where his grandmother had her apartment. “She said this whole thing sounded like the Mark of the Beast to her. She said she would never give up her Bible.”

“Jayna, go get on the bus. I can’t drive you home again,” Talia ordered.

“The Mark of the Beast?” Jayna ran a few steps toward her bus but turned back “That’s crazy. This is a good thing, Mr. Bradley. This is gonna make history! You tell her not to be old-fashioned.”

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What Will You Die For? A Da Vinci Code-Style Thriller coming soon from Findley Family Video

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What would you do to get the Word of God back in public schools? Two young teachers join a project to create cutting-edge religious curriculum. Coming soon … What Will You Die for? What Will They Kill For?


Can they wipe the Word of God out of existence? Only if you help them.


It says that in the Bible?”
“I don’t believe that!”
Talia shook her head in frustration. The students sat with sprawled legs, crossed arms, belligerent or bored looks. “It’s true. Every word of it. The Bible is the Word of God.”
“They teach us one thing in school, and another thing in church. They can’t both be true.” Keisha wagged her head so hard her beads almost smacked Rodney’s twiddling pen out of his hand.
“Ow!” he whined.
“Naw, My temple says evolution’s okay, just believe what you want. Religion and science, they are different things.” Rajid shrugged and went back to staring at the ceiling.
“No, No,” Talia exclaimed. “The Bible has all the truth — about History, about Science, about everything! Truth is truth. How can there be different kinds?”
“Ms Rodriguez, can I see you for a moment?”
Talia cringed. The Superintendent of Schools poking his head in her classroom? This could NOT be good. She called out the page numbers of the reading assignment and the students seemed relieved to get out their books.
“Yes, Mr. Summers?” Talia asked, joining the Superintendent in the hall.
“I’m sorry to interrupt that lively discussion you were having, but we just got word that you and Mr. Bradley have been selected for a cutting edge study of electronic media development. We are hoping it will revolutionize education, and since the two of you co-teach the Bible as Literature class, we wanted you to be in on the Bible conversion aspect of the program. They’re starting with religious studies.”


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Write for the King of Glory — A Most Unconventional Writer’s Guide

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Write for the King of Glory

Share the fruits of my first five years of publishing. Learn about blogging, writing, cover design, editing, marketing, and find a bunch of great resources to help you in your publishing journey, many of them free. I’m not the be-all and end all of Christian publishing, but I’m here to help, and so are a bunch of other Christian writers and service providers.

I’m living proof that you can get your book published. It doesn’t have to stay in those pre-publication versions, or be taken out of your hands and changed to the point where you hardly recognize it. God educated me through some amazing preparation and hard times to the point where I realized that it’s up to me to make my books. Nobody’s going to do it for me. At least not so that I can control it from start to finish, or within my mostly nonexistent budget, or on my timetable.
So, I have learned to be a cover designer, an editor, an ebook formatter, and everything else I need to create my own books. I have also learned some things about online marketing, to the point where we have regular monthly sales that continue to grow.

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The Advice Is Free … Everything Else Will Cost You … But Not Much

Hi, I’m Mary C. Findley. I’m the published author of over a dozen books, and a cover designer and editor for many published authors. I’m going to use this blog to give free advice about three topics: Writing, Formatting, and Cover Design. All of these are also related to publishing and marketing, so I’ll naturally talk about those too. I offer services for authors who don’t want to or can’t do it themselves. But for those who are do-it-yourself like I am, I hope you will find my advice helpful. I also hope for feedback that will let me know what authors want to know about. Advice is no good if it’s not what you’re looking for. I’d love to get some interaction, discussion, disagreement … No deafening silence, no crickets, please. Thanks for joining me. sophroniacartoon

Check the “About” link for my background and prices for services. Or just hang around and chat, or look at our books or samples of covers I have done. The welcome mat is out.


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